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Riverbend Combat Association Home-page of the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild
The Mission of the MMCG is to revive the combat skills of the European Middle Ages (circa 800-1500 A.D.), to further research and accurately depict all aspects of medieval culture, and to create an enjoyable experience for its members.

The Senate and People of Rome; Romans in Medieval Combat: SCA & Dagorhir
Did you ever want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Soldier? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the dream! Join the Romans of the SCA.

Dagorhir Battle Games: The Aratari Chapter
You've read Lord of the Rings, how would you like to live it? Don't dream of the life! Live the dream! Dagorhir! Join yesterday's fun today!

The Kingdom of Gwynedd - The Oldest Dagorhir Unit and one of the Oldest Foam Fighting Groups!

Battle Game Sports and Hobbies
Live Action Battle Gaming is the corporate web site for Battle Game Sports and Hobbies, LLC. It features the latest information on Warrior Code Open Battle Gaming, Amtgard, Belegarth, Dagorhir, Darkon, and the High Fantasy Society. Products and services to server the American battle gaming market. Geek and Nerdcore, Battlegaming, Video, Leadership, Environment, Kids, and Change th
This site contains the musings of Dave Graham a gaduate of the CTI Leadership training program, promoter of Extreme Standardization, software engineer at PTC / CoCreate, owner of, member of The Climate Project and giving Al Gore"s slide show, as well as Director of System Big Play, a project to rebuild the world in a reusable system

The Duchy of the River's End :: Home

Alona's Amtgard
Crafty Goodness

The Duchy of Wolvenfang

Hallows Edge
Steampunk zombie fighting!

Celestial Kingdom
Celestial Kingdom - Central Texas' Amtgard community featuring live action boffer fighting and mideval, fantasy gaming in Waco, Austin, Bastrop, Kerrville, Killeen, San Antonio, Weslaco, Laredo, Corpus Christi, and Victoria.

Home - Hakuturi Clan Boffer Combat Unit
Here is the official hakuturi clan boffer fighting unit website BETA and here we aim to please no matter how you larp

JulieannaD Photography in the Northern Front Range of Colorado. Portraits, Weddings, Pets, Sports, Events, and much more. Fort Collins based, loves to travel.

How to Play Dagorhir – Lets Larp together : Live Action
This is shows you how to play Dagorhir, and strategy of how to play Live Action Role Playing, LARP, and where to get Foam weapons.

Helpful Tips from The Great Runestone Lillywinks
Wondering about the secret of the universe, about life and love. Or maybe you need adivce on your future endeavors. Well we here at Helpful Tips from The Great Runestone Lillywinks don't care, so...

Amtgard: The Barony of Seven Sleeping Dragons
The homepage of the Barony of the Seven Sleeping Dragons, a boffer LARP using the Amtgard rules system based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

The Northern Empire
The Empires home on the Web

Welcome to the Mohawk Valley Gaming Club, located in Utica, New York, USA
A non-profit club dedicated to promoting gaming of all sorts in Central New York.

Northreach! - Home
Principality of Northreach, a Chapter of Amtgard, Inc