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Dean is Cas' heavenly biscuit
Multifandom trash Czech - 20 - She/her - Bi Art student in distress

happi treehaus frans.
Ema. A weird kid's fangirling shrine. It goes from western television shows to anime to music to series to a bunch of irrelevant stuff. Just an average teen. It's really just me and my multifandom...

existentialism is a humanism
hi i'm brooke but its pronounced loser entp | slytherin | philosophy & literature hoe somewhat inactive bc of school!!

I have no idea what I'm doing.
I've decided this will be my place for shit that doesn't belong anywhere else. My interests change constantly, so providing a cohesive list of blog content is difficult to keep accurate. Instead allow...

South Western Djinn
Where I try to be constructive and or productive?

scones for justice
On AO3 On LJ (circ dot bamboo at gmail dot com) I write stuff occasionally. It's not all safe for human consumption. My baking is, though.