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~~ Pieces of Eights ~~ A chaotic neutral fantasy adventure!

Matthew Good Music News - Near Fantastica .com
Matthew Good and the latest album news, Arrows of Desire, Lights of Endangered Species, Vancouver, Hospital Music, album trivia, tour and concert dates, mp3 downloads, interviews, demos, and rare lyrics. Be the first to know - Near Fantastica

Nothing is 'Need to know' Information
shitposting sideblog

`// ̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅ ×натє
---{ otp ⚣ rankings }----------- `{01} ☯ [ 神アレ / yullen ] `{02} ☊ [ヨシュネク/joshneku] `{03} [...

heebie jeebies
she/her | intj | the worst probably happy tag art blog favs

all the worthless fields of equestria ☭☭☭­ my art animation neigh photography animation installation illustration auto fallout water true wasteland style wasteland cruiser fashion film canon fanon foe...

hunter x hell
Congratulations! You have stumbled upon the inspiration/fandom nonsense blog of theyoungdoyley.

queen of all things punkass
I lead the crowd. I stitch words. I'm bold and assertive. I learn fast. I am a sociolinguist. I like myself. My name is Tami! It's nice to meet you.

Just another lazy bum
multi-fandom. not spoiler free.

Going Into The Forest To Kick My Own Ass
I'm Nala and I really like coffee and dumb games. Message me for my FC! I play ACNL and Sm4sh.

Noru | Spain «But even so, to seek beauty is human. To be played and toyed around is human. And to break and destroy is also human...» 「 」