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Bankable Insight
The government is screwing up the economy; here's how to survive and succeed in spite of that.

Consumer Behaviour Analysis & Consultancy I Canvas8
We are the leading consumer behaviour insights practise offering expert analysis on the latest trends.

Tredence: An Analytics Services and Solutions Company
Tredence strives to bring meaningful analytics to the desktops & handhelds of every business decision maker through simple solutions & self-service design.

INSIGHTS - Your Call Centre/Customer Experience Implementation Partner
INSIGHTS is the only Call Centre dedicated, Professional Services Organisation in the Middle East region to offer a combination of: -Regional Experience-15 years serving the regional industry -Industry Journals-spear-headed by Telephony Middle East- -International Accreditation with recognised Global Industry Bodies like ICMI, CIAC, etc. -Accredited Call Cen

Ferramenta de Monitoramento de Redes Sociais e Social Big Data | Zahpee
Ferramenta de Monitoramento de Redes Sociais para acompanhamento de marcas, produtos ou serviços próprios e da concorrência. A Zahpee possui capacidade de coleta e processamento de milhares de publicações em tempo real e com alta fidelidade de classificação automática.

ЕВРОКНИГА - Интернет магазин учебников английского языка из Англии, учебников немецкого языка из Германии, тренинг для преподавателей и методистов по языку

Leaders in the design and application of Microsoft technology | Auckland - Christchurch - Dunedin -
Intergen provides information technology solutions - cloud services customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, enterprise content management and collaboration (SharePoint, EpiServer, Sitecore), enterprise resource management and more.

Mel Schwartz | Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker | Westport, CT
Mel is an emerging voice in the field of personal transformation. Informed by quantum theory, his practice transcends traditional therapeutic limitations

MarketVision Research
We are an insight-driven firm that partners with our clients todrive business decisions through informed marketing-research

Medicwiz - Concise Health Insights
Medicwiz's mission is to summarize and consolidate health information into concise, reliable and easy to understand format for the average web users.

Srihari Maneru's Web
A passionate entrepreneur, concerned citizen and an aspiring politician

U.S. Dairy | - Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy
The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® provides a forum for the dairy industry to work together pre-competitively. Collectively, we address barriers and opportunities to foster innovation and increase sales.

Apervita® – Democratizing Health Analytics & Data
Apervita is a powerful and secure, self-service platform that allows health enterprises and professionals to author evidence-based insight and connect it to practice, anywhere.

San Francisco Astrologer & Life Coach & Ask Astro-Coach Columnist, Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC | Beyond
San Francisco Life Coach & Astrologer, Nicki Michaels, PCC, CPCC - Real Astrology At Work - Rudhyar Audio Archives, Mercury Retrograde Dates 2014 and 2015, Ask Astro-Coach Online Column, astrology articles, resources, tools and more for the astrological client, student and professional.

Restaurant Industry Insights & Analytics | TDn2K | Dallas, Texas
Transforming Data into Knowledge

SmartRevenue | know where the purchase decision is made
SmartRevenue specializes in leveraging shopper insights to drive actionable retail strategies and solutions. SmartRevenue is your eyes and ears at the point of purchase, experience, and consumption.

Compass Intelligence - Compass Intelligence, Delivering Metrics-Driven Intelligence & Insights
Compass Intelligence, a boutique market intelligence and advisory firm, provides market research, market modeling, survey insights, and metrics tracking for the entire mobile and emerging technology ecosystem.

iVOX - We Spark Connections
iVOX is a market research and polling agency with consumer research as its primary focus. We provide our clients with research reports and insights.

This is a place for me to share my insights on anything that is happening in my life and I feel it is worth sharing with the world.

User and Service Experience - Spirent
Are your devices and services ready to launch? Is your service the best? We have the technology to evaluate the user experience of your devices and services.