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iSQL-Viewer - Independent SQL Tool
iSQL-Viewer is an open-source JDBC 2.x compliant database front-end written in Java. It implements across multiple platforms features of the JDBC API. It does everything through a single interface., Urdu News, Poetry Technology Sports, Health and more
The largest Urdu web site of the world, Urdu News, Urdu Poetry, Horoscope, Technology, Weather, Business, Sports, Health, Islam, Women, Show-biz, Addab, Islamic Names, Articles and Features. Java + You

Overview - alphaWorks Community
developerWorks communities connect people with a shared interest, expertise, or goal. Group members benefit from and build on each other's knowledge and contributions. Within communities, you can easily find new communities of interest, start a community, and keep track of the communities for which you are an owner, member, follower, or invitee.

Nofantz Blog | Free Download | Nofantz Blog | Free Download
Free Download Firmware Bi Only, Tutorial,Tips dan Trick

Ultimateblog777- это Уникальный Информационный портал.ГДЗ ОНЛАЙН(GDZ Online)по основным школьным предметам 5-11 классов:алгебра,геометрия,физика,химия,русский,немецкий,английский язык/Уроки,видео,обучение,задачи по всем основным языкам программирования(Pascal,C и C++,Delphi,Java,Visual Basic,Assembler,Perl,pythonPHP,HTML и др.)/Ответы к всем задачи с сайта a

●.. My B.Tech ..● - 2K8CSE

51CTO.COM - 技术成就梦想 - 中国领先的IT技术网站

JetBrains: Development Tools for Professionals and Teams
JetBrains, creator of the best Java IDE - IntelliJ IDEA - is a technology-leading software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools.

Eclipse - The Eclipse Foundation open source community website.
eclipse is probably best known as a java ide, but it is more: it is an ide framework, a tools framework, an open source project, a community, an eco-system, and a foundation.

Programozó Páternoszter
Ez a Programozó Páternoszter (PP) blogja, a programozásról szól. Aktualitása, hogy a Debreceni Egyetem Informatikai Kara Magasszintű programozási nyelvek 1-2 című kurzusainak blogja is egyben.

DZone: Programming & DevOps news, tutorials & tools
Programming, Web Development, and DevOps news, tutorials and tools for beginners to experts. Hundreds of free publications, over 1M members, totally free.

Java web development tutorials
Resources for Java and J2EE developers - Provides simple and unique Java web development tutorials .

InfoQ: Software Development News, Videos & Books is a practitioner-driven community news site focused on facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in professional software development.

سایت تخصصی اطلاعات موبایل | جی‌اس‌ام
اطلاع از آخرین اخبار دنیای موبایل و تکنولوژی به همراه قیمت روز، بررسی تخصصی و مقایسه ای جدیدترین گوشی ها ، معرفی و دانلود اپلیکیشن های کاربردی | جی‌اس‌ام

Rubecula Software LLC Home Page
Java Development and Consulting

极客学院作为中国最大IT职业在线教育平台,拥有海量高清IT职业课程,涵盖30+个技术领域,如Android,iOS ,Flash,Java,Python,HTML5,Swift,Cocos2dx等视频教程.根据IT在线学习特点,极客学院推出IT学习知识体系图,IT职业学习实战路径图,帮助IT学习者从零基础起步,结合IT实战案例演练,系统学习,助你快速成为IT优秀技术人才!

Homepage for Paul Seldes - Learning Strategist and Visionary
Paul Seldes is a Risk Management consultant and trainer with 30 years of experience in the public safety, emergency management, technology, and financial industries. He is an experienced leader with extensive operations and product development expertise in the US and internationally. He is the Director of Operations at ntb group, LLC. - Search for IT, Tech Jobs - IT Careers for Technology Professionals
Find IT jobs targeting a wide array of technical skills including web developers, engineers, project managers, java developers, sysadmin, security, network, unix administrators, Post your resume and let the recruiters and employer community find you. Post a job and find those hard to find candidates today. Search the Resume Database.