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Islamology ....The Science of Peace, The Salvation
Online Multilingual Library & resources: Quran,Hadith, comparative religions (Christian, Jews, & others),FAQ about Islam, Islamic Laws,human rights, Islam & modern issues, Shia Sunni books, Islamic philosophy, economy, history, spirituality

God and Science: Twenty-one Articles on Science and Religion
God and Science, a collection of essays, is a smorgasbord of novel insights providing new perspectives on the relation between science and religion.

Catching the Kingdom Within|A Roadmap to Authentic Spiritual Awakening
Science, Spirituality, and Consciousness: A True Foundation for Authentic Spiritual Experience

A Proof - Using science to explain the existence of God
This website is simply an initial step, using the prevalent means of communication in our day, to seek feedback. To build validity, it is important to seek the

Start Of Journey
A website which describes miracles which were mentioned within the Qur'an over 1400 years, but discovered recently.

Modern Jewish Weddings & Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies | Rabbi Lawrence P. Seidman
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