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XJocks journey
About my gaining and those who inspire me. Ask me Stuff!

All about SSBBW, BBW, SSBHM, BHM und Chubs!

Growing Whim
My blog is focused on my gaining, feeding, and fat admiration. 18+ Only Current weight: 343lbs Goal weight: 1610lbs Pictures of me. Questions? Ask me.

Huge Boys
The best kind -- fat, jiggly & huge! I love superchub boys -- the bigger the better *Please note, I do not own the majority of these pictures. If you see one you'd like taken down, please pm me*

No, Its Not Chel
An ssbbw haven. It is hidden, but in plain sight. Roleplay also happens here. Weight gain (mutual is a plus), strongfat, immobility, slob, lactation, mild blueberry, bimbofication, pregnancy and...

Chubby Dudels
Doodles of Fat Guys

26 y.o. gainer living in NY. I have gained 45lb and am looking to gain a lot more! IG @hidetheabs Grommr @hidetheabs Clips4sale @hidetheabs88
For the Large In Charge people who want to take control of there Love Lives! The BBW, SSBBW, BHM Dating site that goes with the Online Magazine. and now will bring people of size together.

Feedee Fatwasad
I'm a straight male feedee and want to get immobile. I fight for being fat since i was a kid. Everyone wanted me to be thin. For years i was alone. But now my girlfriend and feeder is by my side. They...